The best things to do at the local sports center

If you take your child and your family to a sports center not to participate in sports but to swim in the pool, there are many options of fun things to do besides simply splashing around. Teach your child to enjoy the benefits of swimming with a few games that will give them an incredibly […]


The best things to do at local sports center

If you took your child and your family to a sports center not to make sports, but to swim in the pool, show him not only how to splash with water, but also some other more fun things to do. Teach your child to enjoy the benefits of swimming with a few games that will snatch laughter and applause of joy. Here are some fun games and contests that your child can practice at the pool.

Race like submarines

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Whether playing with other children, brother or sister, even with you, this game requires a good coordination of breath because the action takes place underwater. Win the first arriving at a point agreed before by the players. But this fun activity can be done also by adults, so throw yourself in the pool with your friends and play the subs.

Invisible Glass

You need a plastic bottle, the cap to be the same color or shade as close to the pool. In this way it will be harder to detect. Fill the bottle with water and align the players back to the pool. Win the one who first finds the dive trophy.

Fights on inflatable mattresses

For this game you need two mattresses or any other inflatable toy that can support one or more children. Each team must overturn their opponents seeking to water. Particularly entertaining fight on mattresses will make the kids scream with joy.


Shoulders race

Talk to other parents or older children and organize a race in which kids sit on your shoulders. Establish where it begins or ends, take the little ones hatch and start the race. The funny comes only when one will stumble and fall in the water with the baby.

Collecting the ping pong balls

Buy more ping pong balls. You can buy from the sports center where you are or in a store in your city. Making the game more interesting allows you to write on every ball participants’ names or numbers that will mean points. Throw them in various locations in the pool and let the little ones enjoy their quest.

Remember that all of these activities may well be made by adults, but to get rid of the character of “child’s play’, they can be adapted for adults. For example, when you race like submarines you can do it with your girlfriends on your shoulders as they can serve as periscopes. A much more fun “collecting the ping pong balls” variation will be when secretly each number marked on the ball will represent the number of beers or sodas gain by the person who collect more. Try to fight on the inflatable mattresses with some girls on your back. You can adapt the game of shoulder race, by replacing children with wife, girlfriend or sweetheart. Try to see how funny can turn everything when they will be thrown in the water! These are just some of the fun you can have in a local sports center. So, what’s your next idea you will figure out?


Fun Things to do in a local Sports Center

Fun activities for children and adults in a sports center are not limited to spending time outdoors and splashing water in the pool. There is nothing more entertaining than adapting some regular activities like volleyball or swimming and creating some new, fun games. If kids are involved in playing, safety is the primary concern, but […]